11 August 2017

How to crack IIT JEE 2018

How to crack IIT JEE 2018

Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) is the most competitive engineering entrance exam conducted at all India level to facilitate admissions into various engineering colleges across India. Every year millions of students appear for this exam with a single dream of cracking JEE and getting admissions into the top Engineering Colleges in India. One of the biggest challenges that you could face while preparing for JEE is the proper management of time because you have to prepare for JEE along with your board exams.  It is better if you start your preparations from NCERT textbooks because it would help you in forming a good conceptual base making it easy to understand. Most of the questions that are asked in JEE Main are taken directly from NCERT Text Books.

There are some tips that would help you in simplifying your JEE 2018 preparations, utilize your every second and start your preparation in full swing from today onwards:
1. Start as early as possible:

When it comes to JEE preparations, it is better to start as early as possible. Preparation for JEE is a serious task, especially if you have planned for JEE Advanced. With a good JEE score, you can have the options of choosing the engineering program of your choice, hence lots of students start their preparations several months before the actual date of exam.
2. Know about the Exam:
Before starting your preparations understand the structure of both JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Though both exams cover the same three subjects (Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics), JEE Advanced is structured differently compared to the JEE Mains in terms of the topics and the level of difficulty. Hence, it is important to know about the syllabus of JEE Main and JEE Advanced in detail before starting your preparations.
3. Devote more time on weaker sections:
While preparing for JEE, you have to devote time to each and every topic even if you are confident about some topics. However, for getting the best possible scores you have to devote your maximum time in studying those topics in which you are weak, by this, you can get a better improvement from your efforts.
If you are confused in selecting such topics then pick up those topics in which you could not perform well while writing for your 11th and 12th exams and spend most of your time in studying those topics.
4. Stay away from distractions:
Utilize most of your time in studying and strengthening your weaker sections, don't waste your time in playing games or social networking that you could have spent on studying. Until your exams get over avoid distractions like movies, video games, and other forms of digital entertainment and remove them from your life temporarily.
Use the internet for studying purposes only and try installing an educational app that can help you in grooming your concepts.
5. Prepare well from past year’s question papers:

Going through past year’s question papers enables you to understand some of the themes that may be covered in your coming exam. Practicing past year’s question papers will enable you to focus on the key topics that are likely to be encountered in the coming exams. You would also have an idea about the topics that you are strong and weak at and accordingly, you can focus your revision on those particular topics. It will also help you in refreshing your memory from basic concepts and formulas that are likely to be asked in the examination.

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