12 January 2018

Daily The Hindu Newspaper Editorial Vocabulary For Teaching Exam

The Hindu Newspaper Editorial Vocabulary For Teaching Exam

1. Capitulate (verb) : To surrender under certain terms
Synonyms: Surrender, Crumble ,Succumb
Use : The two countries agreed to capitulate a twenty-four hour cease fire on the holiday.
2.Squirm (verb): To move about in distress as a result of fear or shame
Synonyms: Wriggle, Fidget, Jiggle
Use: The defendant is going to squirm under the prosecutor’s intense questioning.
3.Obdurate (adjective) : Unmoved by persuasion
Synonyms: Unsympathetic , Obstinate
Use: The protesters were obdurate and did not move even when the police arrived.
4.Euphoria (noun): An excited state of joy
Synonyms: Elation, Happiness, Joy
Use : The euphoria has been politically crafted and media hyped.
5.Munificent (adjective) : Very generous
Synonyms: Generous, Bountiful, Beneficent
Use : The sizable gift card was a munificent present from my grandparents.
6.Candor (noun) : The state or quality of being frank, open, and sincere in speech or expression
Synonyms : Honesty , Truthfulness, Sincerity
Use: The politician’s candor and honesty made him the favorite candidate in the election.
7.Haggle (verb) : Dispute or bargain persistently
Synonyms: Barter, Negotiate , Quibble.
Use: Although my grandfather is quite wealthy, he will haggle to save a dollar.
8.Obviate (verb) : To prevent or eliminate
Synonyms: Preclude, Prevent, Remove
Use : We replaced the old mechanisms because we wanted to obviate any nervousness about potential breakdown.
9.Execrable (adjective) :Extremely bad or unpleasant
Synonyms: Appalling, Awful, Dreadful, Terrible
Use: When news was released of the execrable treatment of refugees in detention centers, there was a public outcry against the government entity in charge.
10.Bliss (noun): Perfect happiness
Synonyms: Joy, Pleasure, Delight
Use : As a chocolate lover, I see bliss as an endless supply of chocolate bars.
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