6 July 2018

Important Vocabulary For DSSSB | CTET Exam :Vocab 6 july

 Important Vocabulary For DSSSB | CTET Exam :Vocab 6 july

Dear Readers, we are providing to you Word List to improve your word power. It will help you to enhance your word power as well as you can understand the correct usage of the word. Your reading habit can make all the difference. If you are not able to read a newspaper for Teaching Exam. We will post important words every day from editorial section.

ENCROACH (VERB): (अतिक्रमण करना):impinge
Synonyms: intrude, infringe
Antonyms: keep off, ignore
Example Sentence:
The Chinese army continues to encroach on Indian territory.
2. EMBEZZLE (VERB): (जाली बनाना): misuse
Synonyms: forge, swindle
Antonyms: reimburse, compensate
Example Sentence:
He was caught embezzling money from his client.
3. JOCULAR (ADJECTIVE): (विनोद-प्रिय): Funny
Synonyms: humorous, playful
Antonyms: gloomy, sad
Example Sentence:
I made a jocular statement at the party.
4. JIBE (VERB): (सहमत होना): To agree
Synonyms: harmonize, conform
Antonyms: disagree, differ
Example Sentence:
I do not jibe with his idea.
5. TRANQUIL (ADJECTIVE): (शांतचित्त): peaceful
Synonyms: calm, pastoral
Antonyms: agitated, aroused
Example sentence:
She wants to lead a tranquil life.
6. TUTELARY (ADJECTIVE): (संरक्षक):Protecting
Synonyms: Guardian, advisory
Antonyms: careless, inattentive
Example Sentence:
He was acting as a tutelary brother for me that day.
7. MOUSY (ADJECTIVE): (संकोची): introverted
Synonyms: drab, shy
Antonyms: confident, fancy
Example sentence:
Garima is a mousy person.
8. IMPAIRED (ADJECTIVE): (बिगड़ा हुआ): marred
Synonyms: faulty, flawed
Antonyms: perfect, unbroken
Example Sentence:
She has an impaired vision.
9. EARNEST (ADJECTIVE): (उत्सुक): sincere
Synonyms: fervent, passionate
Antonyms: frivolous, silly
Example Sentence:
His earnest approach made him winner.
10. UNCONSCIONABLE (ADJECTIVE): (अनुचित): immoral
Synonyms: uncivilized, unethical
Antonyms: cultured, civilized
Example Sentence:
The judge deemed the torture and killings of innocent people to be unconscionable
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