11 July 2019

🎤 Daily Vocabulary

🎤 Daily Vocabulary

1. Corroborate (Verb) : परिपुष्ट करना
Meaning: Give evidence for, Back up with evidence.
Synonyms: Validate, support, confirm, verify, endorse.
Antonyms: Reject, Disapprove, contradict
Usage: Every one hastened to corroborate this verdict with some piece of evidence.

2. Ephemeral(Adjective) : अस्थायी
Meaning: Lasting for short time
Synonyms: Temporary, Short-lived, transient.
Antonyms: long-lived, enduring, everlasting, eternal, perpetual.
Usage: time is ephemeral so don’t waste it.

3. Approbation (Noun) : अनुमोदन
Meaning: Official Approval.
Synonyms: Approval, Favor.
Antonyms: disapprobation, disapproval, disfavor.
Usage: Government gives its approbation to his selection.

4. Altruist (Noun) : जो धर्मार्थ दान करते हैं
Meaning: who make charitable donations
Synonyms:beneficent, benevolent, charitable, humanitarian, philanthropist, generous
Antonyms: self-centered, self-concerned, selfish.
Usage:Animals can have more altruistic behavior than humans.

5. Ardent(Adjective) : उत्साही
Meaning: Characterized by strong enthusiasm
Synonyms: Passionate, enthusiastic,  zealous
Antonyms: apathetic, dull, calm.
Usage: One should be an ardent supporter for the right cause.

6. Mundane (Adjective): सांसारिक
Meaning:  Found in the ordinary course of events
Synonyms: dime, stale, sober, humdrum, day-to-day
Antonyms: unusual, Exciting, extraordinary.
Usage: The list included many mundane, routine tasks.

7. Ameliorate(Verb)- सुधारना
Meaning: To make better
Synonyms: Amend, better, improve, upgrade
Antonyms: worsen, reduce, diminish
Usage: The editor ameliorated the manuscript with his changes.

8. Quirk(Noun) :  व्यवहार में छल
Meaning: a strange habit
Synonyms: irregularity, trait
Antonyms: normality,
Usage: His biggest quirk is his love for old marbles.

9. Repercussion (Adjective) : प्रतिक्रिया
Meaning: the effect that an action, event, or decision has on something, especially a bade effect:
Synonyms: aftermath, consequence
Antonyms: loyal
Usage: Any decrease in tourism could have serious repercussions for the local economy.

10. Sanguine (Adjective) : आशावादी
Meaning: optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation.
Synonyms: optimistic, bullish, hopeful, buoyant, positive
Antonyms: pessimistic, gloomy
Usage:They are less sanguine about the company's long-term prospects.

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