13 January 2020

Daily Vocabulary ।।

Daily Vocabulary ।।

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1. BERSERK (ADJECTIVE): Insane : (निडर)
Synonyms: crazed, maniacal

Antonyms: rational, sensible

Example Sentence:

Army went berserk with an arsenal of guns.

2. DORMANT (ADJECTIVE): Asleep : (निष्क्रिय)
Synonyms: comatose, sleeping

Antonyms: active, wakeful

Example Sentence:

Why do you look so dormant all the time?

3. DIFFIDENT (ADJECTIVE): Meek : (संकोची)
Synonyms: timid, sheepish

Antonyms: brave, confident

Example Sentence: 

Sia is a kind of diffident person.

4. INORDINATE (ADJECTIVE): Undue : (असामान्य)
Synonyms: pricey, steep

Antonyms: cheap, moderate

Example Sentence:

The case had taken up an inordinate amount of time.

5. EGRESS (NOUN):  Departure : (निकास)
Synonyms: emanation, exiting

Antonyms: entrance, arrival

Example Sentence:
They hinted at the direct means of access and egress for passengers.

6. ENGROSS (VERB): Bewitch : (मोहित करना)
Synonyms: captivate, enrapture

Antonyms: disenchant, disgust

Example Sentence:

Yesterday Priyanshi engrossed everybody at the party.

7. DYNAMIC (ADJECTIVE):  Charismatic : (गतिशील)
Synonyms: effective, energetic

Antonyms: lethargic, lifeless

Example Sentence:

Vishal has a very dynamic personality.

8. DEBACLE (NOUN): Catastrophe : (पराजय)

Synonyms: beating, collapse

Antonyms: attainment, accomplishment

Example Sentence:

When the movie was released, it was called a debacle by the audience.

BEFOUL (VERB): Defile : (गंदा करना)
Synonyms: dishonor, pillage

Antonyms: honor, praise

Example Sentence:

Many graves were befouled.

10. DEMUR (VERB): Object : (मन डांवाडोल होना)
Synonyms: refuse, dissent  

Antonyms:  support, help

Example Sentence:

She demurred enter into the new business deal.


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